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Hot air balloons, that means summer in Bristol.

Huge full moon on my walk to the gym this morning. Lovely

CeCe is going to be so embarrassed when she sees this picture!!

Today I made a mistake

i let my girlfriend convince me that drinking a litre of water before bed was a good idea.

Adventures in Ashton Court.

Had our first session with a personal trainer

and now I die.

We gave the dogs fish. It’s a good fatty be a dog.

Walking to the gym again. Summer seems to be on its way.

Went to stonehenge, its pretty interesting to look at an exhibition of something no one knows anything about. Lots of maybes, what its and I dunnos.

I’m beginning to realise

I have crossed the threshold and now have no friends to hangout with except my fiancé, well here comes adulthood i guess.

Bristol looks like a horror film at the minute, gonna make a run from my car you my office. Wish me luck

Foggy Boat


Foggy walk to the gym